Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog! This is my first blog post. Ever.

And being such I think a great way to start it things off is by talking about my goals for the rest of this year as far as races go.

  • Complete my first 50 mile race
  • Complete my first overnight ultra relay race with   three friends (i.e. Ragnar and the like).

I have just started to dip my toes into the water of ultra running and already have a podium finish under my belt. Since that race at the end of April I’ve continued my training. My next race will be the Hell Hath No Hurry 50miler on June 30th, 2018

My ultimate goal: Just finish.
I’ve never ran anywhere near that distance before so just finishing will amazing in itself.
That said, I always have a loft soft goal that I like to throw out there when I race. A lofty soft goal is something  that’s definitely achievable if everything goes according to plan. The weather is right, your nutrition is on point, etc. So my soft goal is finish under 10 hours.

In October of this year there is an ultra relay race, the first ever Greater Allegheny Passage (GAP trail) ultramarathon. 158 miles of crushed limestone and asphalt winding its way from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, PA.  I can’t wait for this. I am already team captain and working on getting my team together.

Additionally I want to get in on the product review game. Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews of running clothing, shoes, hydration packs, nutrition and more!

If you’re interested in more info about the Hell Hath No Hurry race or the GAP trail relay you can check out the following websites:



Hope you bounce back for more blog posts, until then keep running!


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