Hash success!

Check out my previous post ‘Sweet summertime’ to see what a hash run is.

Our hash group run was a huge success. A huge turnout of over 30 people showed up to tackle the winding trail full of tricks and beer treats. I pre-ran portions of my planned trail in the days prior to the hash with the idea that I would make two separate trails, one for the “turkeys” that wanted a slightly less intense run and one for the “eagles” who wanted more elevation gain and a longer trail.
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Hash trails are tough enough to pull off when you are making the trail by yourself, but I was attempting to make two separate trails of varying difficulty at the same time, and also trying not to get caught by everyone chasing me. 

I devised several marks to trick the thirsty hounds onto false trails. Marking false trails however, takes extra time and energy and I was nearly spotted early on by some turkeys. I was able to hide until they passed and I ran behind them continuing to mark the trail, knowing full well that they were about to stumble upon one of my hidden beer spots; I knew it would surely slow them down.



Image may contain: people sitting and drinkI successfully laid the remainder of the trail, never letting the eagles catch me. Little did i know though, the pesky turkeys would be nipping at my heels soon enough. As I ran to lay trail to the last beer stop, the turkeys spotted me and gave chase. At this point the heat and humidity had taken it’s toll on my body but the adrenaline rush of being caught was enough to help me sprint past them as they detoured for the mandatory beer stop.

Eventually all of the turkeys and eagles made it to the end of the trail, Morgantown Brewing Co., where we enjoyed Ok beer, good food, and great conversation. The hash was a knockout and so many new people showed up. Hopefully they’ll be back.

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