Goodr Sunglasses: All run, no bulls**t

That’s the company’s motto and their sunglasses definitely reflect that. Whether you already own a pair of Purple Drank Jelly Beans or Dat Dank Easter Basket Grass, or you’re new to Goodr sunglasses, they definitely have something for everyone.

If you’ve been into ultrarunning for even a short amount of time you probably have heard about Goodr sunglasses. These glasses are designed with a runner in mind and an ultramarathoner attitude. With tons of different models offering everything from neon color schemes two American flag designs to celebrate Fourth of July, there is something for everyone.

And as an ultra-marathoner one of the most important things we think about while running for so long is that post race after party. Fear not, you can go straight from the trails to the party with these sunglasses which are not only stylish but will for sure be a conversation starter at the least.

But enough with the introductions let’s get into the pros and cons of the sunglasses and whether or not I recommend them for you.


  • Quality material
    • The frames are made out of a soft flexible material that are not only comfortable, but more importantly they stay on your face. The nose piece has ridges which helped the glasses stay on your face. I have very greasy oily skin but my sunglasses never slide down my nose. Likewise, the side pieces keep the glasses firmly over your ears and never cause any pain.
  • Polarized lenses
    • Goodr has two models, a $25 option and a $35 option. Both models come with polarized lenses but the $35 option has gradient lenses. The gradient lenses are more tinted on the top than they are on the bottom.
  • Style and fit
    • I tend to have a larger head and these sunglasses fit me perfectly. I have worn these sunglasses for hours on end and have never gotten a headache or have felt any pain or uncomfortability at. Similarly, my fiance has borrowed them for some of her training runs and she says they fit her perfectly to and she of course has a smaller head than me. I think the flexible frame material contributes to these sunglasses ability to fit multiple head shapes.
    • Also these glasses stay in place. They don’t bounce when you run even on the most aggressive Terrain. I have more than once tripped and fallen and have never had to readjust my glasses. The soft frame material is also resistant to scratches if you drop them.


  • Limited availability
    • The only real problem with these sunglasses is that they are so popular it’s hard to get a pair sometimes if you’re looking for a specific color. They have about 40 different designs, 16 of which are sold out at the time of this post.

The Verdict: Rubber Ankle Runner Approved- Highly Recommend

I highly recommend not just one pair of goodr sunglasses but several. They’re affordable, comfortable, stylish and polarized which will protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. They are durable and stay in place. And while if you have your heart set on one specific color or design you may have some trouble getting that pair, they have so many different designs to choose from that you surely will be able to find another pear you love that they have in stock. You can check goodr out for yourself at And if you sign up with your email address you will get a code for 10% off. You can also check out good or sunglasses on Facebook Twitter Instagram.

Let me know in the comments, do you guys own any of these yet? What are your likes and dislikes? Do you have any other recommendations of running sunglasses you enjoy?

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