Honey Stinger Nutrition: What’s All the Buzz About?

Whether you need pre-, intra-, or post-workout nutrition, or even just a delicious snack, Honey Stinger has you covered.

How was Honey Stinger started?
In 1954, Ralph and Luella Gamber developed the EN-R-G Bar with the goal in mind of bringing “quick energy” to athletes in the form of 2-ounce packets of honey. They wanted to offer a replacement to the sugary candy bars on the market. In 2002, EN-R-G Foods, Inc became the brand we know today as Honey Stinger.

Why is Honey Stinger different from other brands of nutrition?
It’s the honey! All of their products use natural honey to sweeten them and no other artificial sweeteners. Since honey is natural contains the same type of sugar found in fruits, you won’t have any of the stomach issues a lot of people have after consuming similar super processed gels and bars with artificial ingredients.

Not a problem. Honey Stinger has a whole line of gluten-free products. A lot of their products use organic ingredients too and all Honey Stinger products are non-GMO.  My favorite are the gluten-free salted caramel waffles!

What kind of nutrition do they offer?
In addition to the waffles, Honey Stinger makes a host of gels, bars and chews as well. The chews are a life-saver during a race. Not only are they super tasty but they are also easy to chew, which is why I choose Honey Stinger chews over other brands like Clif Bloks. The Clif Bloks are so sticky. I’m always afraid I’m going to rip out one of the fillings in my teeth when I’ve eaten them! It’s also hard to breath when you’re constantly chewing and trying to get all the little gummy bits out of your teeth. This is not the case with Honey Stinger’s chews, which remind of the fruit snacks that I loved as a kid.

hive_logoI love Honey Stinger products so much that I recently applied to become a Honey Stinger brand ambassador and was accepted. I am now part of The Hive! It’s so fun to be an ambassador for a company you believe in and product you enjoy to promote.

If you’ve never tried Honey Stinger products before you definitely should give them a try, and if you have then I have a way of eating the waffles that you need to check out! Take your favorite waffle and place it on the rim  of a mug of steaming hot fresh coffee. Let the waffle warm up for a few seconds, and enjoy! This is one of my favorite ways to wake up before a race. It’s soooo good you gotta try it.


Let me know what you guys think of Honey Stinger. Do you have any special ways of eating your Honey Stinger? I’m currently dreaming of a s’more with Honey Stinger waffles instead of graham crackers AHHHH!

Be sure to head over to www.honeystinger.com to check out their products and try some for yourselves!

8 thoughts on “Honey Stinger Nutrition: What’s All the Buzz About?

  1. This is great. I’ve never tried any of their products yet, but I’ll definitely have to give them a try as my race load grows. Besides pre race nutrition; how do you feel about supplements such as protein powders, creatine, etc.???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome yeah definitely give them a try!
      Good question, I think protein powders are great if you’re having trouble eating enough protein in your normal diet. I get about 60 to 80g of protein a day through beans lentils nuts and other veggies, mostly plant based and most mornings I have a vegan protein shake or mix a scoop of vegan protein powder in my oatmeal. Besides that that is all I take. These days I like to get as many nutrients from real food rather than relying on supplements.

      I used to use creatine and pre-workout powders, fat burners etc. when I lifted in high school and college to get that vascular asthetic look. But I couldn’t run distance for crap!

      My goals are different now and i feel healthier and stronger endurance-wise now than I ever have. Ever race I set new PRs and surprising myself.

      Long story short, I don’t think you need supplements to get better and perform at your best however protwin powder can help boost a meals nutrition or fill gaps where your diet is lacking.

      I’m actually posting a new blog post in a day or two about how much lifting is good for runners you’ll have to check out. I think you’ll agree that unless you want big muscle, you don’t need all that stuff and you’ll save a lot of money in the process by not buying any of it.

      Thanks for the question!


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