Last Week Round-Up #1

Finally getting back to the blog after taking a week vacation and getting back into the swing of things at work. Shout out to my beautiful fiance Chelsea for spoiling me a trip to Arizona.IMG_20180704_164343

Monday- Rest
I was traveling back from vacation in Arizona. Did some hiking through Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe the rock formation and the scenery.

Tuesday- 6 mile run around town after work 8:35/mile pace.
Nothing crazy here. Leg muscles seemed to be taking a long time to recover from the 50 miler….or maybe this is how I’m supposed to be feeling after slogging through 6500 ft of elevation gain for 12 hours!

Wednesday- 7 miles around town followed by the weekly timed mile event. Timed mile= 5:33.
Every Wednesday the local running store holds a timed mile event the University track called the Bob Baker Baker mile. The event is in its 4th week and goes for 16 weeks. The goal is to make everyone a faster runner by pairing you with others that are slightly faster. After running the 7 miles, my timed mile was 5:33, slower than my fastest two weeks prior at 5:29.  I’m super happy with this PR and am shooting for 5:15 by the end of the Bob Baker mile.


Thursday- Gym
Decided to hit the gym for some upper body and core work. I rested my legs because I was doing the Jim Dunn Twilight 5 miler on Friday.

Friday- Jim Dunn Twilight 5 miler
I finished 9th overall, 1st in my age group with a 31:52 and a 6:22/mile average. I was stoked to finish so well and set this new PR. My award was an engraved stemless wine glass, woot woot!

Saturday- 11 mile trail run with my ultra-relay teammates
Had a blast this day running some of my favorite trails in Cooper’s Rock State Forest with my two good friends and teammates Jake and Mark. All of us are running the GAP 150 mile ultra-relay in October. It was our first training run together and we talked and laughed the whole time. Looking forward to more runs with them. Jake and Mark are new to the long-distance running scene but are progressing quickly and pushing me as well.

Sunday- 6 mile run with Tim
I ran with my new friend Tim from Australia. He is in West Virginia on a work visa and will be around for a little while so I decided to show him some of my favorite spots to run around town. Of course I showed him every staircase and hill! It was a bit slower, as my legs were shot from the week, but we had a great time talking about running and racing in the US versus Australia.

Total mileage for the week was 35 miles with a new race PR! Not a bad week. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now stop reading and start running!

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