Last Week Round-Up #2

This week was a complete blur.  Trying to fit runs in this week was tough with being so busy at work. On a positive note though, I made it to the gym four times and got some quality lifts in.

Monday- Ran 6.5 quick hilly miles through town with one of my new running friends, Tim. Tim is here on business for a few months from Australia. It was fun to learn about his running group back home and about his training. It’s a good thing I was with him too, he kept running into traffic! Cars drive on the opposite side of the road in Australia. Tim would veer to the left when he would see a car coming up ahead because he thought they’d be heading down the right side of the road. I had to call him back several times! Haha

Tuesday– Gym at 5:30am. Had the whole place to myself!
Upper body and core stuff, slowly getting back into regular lifting. Didn’t run after work because the legs were feeling really rough.


Wednesday– Gym in the morning. More upper body Wanted to just ‘warm up’ before the Bob Baker mile tonight. Tim’s idea of a warm up is 7.5 fast miles at 7:45 pace, Pheeew! Wasn’t feeling very fresh or fast for the timed mile after all that but I still ran 5:33! Definitely wasn’t expecting that on tired legs so I was super happy.

Thursday– Gym in the morning. All to myself again! Gotta love the fact that you’re getting better when the competition is sleeping! Lifted mostly arms with some leg presses and calf raises. Legs were feeling really fatigued after yesterday so I decided to rest in the afternoon.


Friday– Did one of my favorite workouts. It’s called nickles and dimes. You do 5 pull-ups and 10 push-ups on the minute every minute for 20 minutes! That equals 100 pull-ups and 200 push-ups. I do this about once a week and I can tell I’m getting stronger because it’s getting easier. Legs were sore still so I rest so that I could beast through the weekend.

Saturday– 12 mile run followed by a 4.5 mile run a few hours later. I’m trying to train for my upcoming ultra relay where I will have to run a short to medium distance and then let my teammates run before I get back out there.

Sunday– Slept in. Boy did I need the rest. Lifting and running, the two-a-days.. I was feeling it for sure. Ran 8 miles in the morning and another 7 in the afternoon. I was feeling much better today than yesterday and it was nice to shake out the soreness during the second run. Also bet the torrential downpour that came rolling in fast that afternoon.

That’s it! I feel like I got after it this week in the gym. Sore legs kept me from really cranking out the miles but I’m counting this week as a win. Hope you had  an awesome training week yourself. Keep up the hard work! Never stop getting better.

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