The Right Equip(ment) #2: Micro Greens

Welcome back to the second installment of my Equip Foods product reviews where each day I will post a review for a different Equip Foods supplement!


I’ve been testing out some supplements over the past couple weeks from Equip Foods and I really think everyone should start noticing this company because they are cranking out some awesome products. If you want to try them make sure you use this link to get 10% off each time you order or type RAR10 in the discount code box. The discount will show up in your cart!

Today we have my review of their Micro Greens supplement powder.


What is it?

Micro Greens contains an organic greens blend powder and organic antioxidant fruit and berry blend which includes 14 servings of 22 different raw and organic fruits and veggies per scoop.

And as always, it’s entirely free of gluten, dairy, whey, soy, hormones, antibiotics, fillers, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Check below for the nutrition facts and see for yourself.



Honestly, I was expecting this to taste like powdered kale and dirt. I decided to try it straight with water in the shaker bottle, expecting to gag. I was so surprised when I actually liked the taste! I could taste pineapple mixed with berries at first, then came the kale spinach aftertaste. But it really wasn’t too bad. So when I tried it in a smoothie with banana and flax and blueberries……BOOM talk about a delicious and super nutritious elixir!

When to use it?

I imagine this stuff being a staple in my diet. With a full-time job, ultra training, family obligations, and an energetic pup to boot, there are definitely mornings where I just need that quick nutrition that I can slug and keep on truckin’. This stuff is great for getting all your nutrients and minerals on the go. Long car rides, between office meetings, even mixing it with PURE WOD pre-workout before I hit the gym in the morning.


This is where the product fails the most. At $74 dollars for 30 servings, it’s really pricey, especially if you are taking other supplements simultaneously. But if used sparingly, this product could last a couple of months. You know you are getting high quality nutrients and you can really feel your muscles soaking up all the good stuff.


MCT oil. It’s gained in popularity recently due to it’s positive effects on cognitive function and weight management. Start your day off with Micro Greens and I promise you will be more energetic, more focused, more productive, and overall healthier. Your boss and your body will thank you!

Be sure to use for your 10% off in your cart and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to bounce back tomorrow for another review from Equip Foods, their PRIME PROTEIN!


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