It’s been awhile…

Haven’t posted in some time now but I really want to get back into it. While I’ve been absent here I have been doing well and had back to back best mileage weeks! Two weeks ago I hit 58 miles and last week I hit the 60 mark! My body is definitely felling the effects though. My legs constantly feel tired whether it’s walking upstairs or going for a short run. I’ve noticed that on flat ground I can hold a quick pace for  about 5 miles and then my legs begin to fatigue. Hills? Fuughetttaaa bout it! Taking some time to rest this week and work on some upper body weight lifting so I can do a 20 miler on Sunday with my boss. My boss at work wants to beat me in the Morgantown Marathon in a few weeks and there is NO WAY he will ever let me hear the end of it if he beats me!

Looking forward, I want to set a goal for myself to post every evening through this  Sunday. I’m hoping this will start a habit and get me back into the swing of things. For now, I’ll just do a quick recap of this past Saturday when I did the Spartan Beast race with my friend Jake.


The Spartan Beast is a 14 mile obstacle course with 30 obstacles. We crawled under barbed wire, we jumped over burning logs, climbed ropes, flipped tires, hauled sandbags and buckets of gravel, traversed “monkey bars” (if you can even call these intense and difficult contraptions monkey bars), and climbed up and down and up and down for what seemed like an impossible number of hills.

At the end of the day, Jake and I were Spartans! It was way more fun than I anticipated and way harder than I anticipated. My strength is running, especially hills. Also my grip strength was key because my weakness would have to be my lat strength. If not for my solid grip I definitely would have failed some of the climbing obstacles. Hence the reason I want to hit the gym more and build my upper body strength.


That’s all for now! Bounce back for the rest of my posts this week, I have definitely missed blogging.

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