Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX: Review

The Brooks Cascadia 13 trail running shoe is the latest rendition of the Cascadia model. With a 3D printed rugged outsole and added cushioning compared to the previous model, you'll be able to tackle the gnarliest of trails without beating up your feet. The outsole molding is carried up to sides and toe of the … Continue reading Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX: Review

The Right Equip(ment) #2: Micro Greens

Welcome back to the second installment of my Equip Foods product reviews where each day I will post a review for a different Equip Foods supplement! I’ve been testing out some supplements over the past couple weeks from Equip Foods and I really think everyone should start noticing this company because they are cranking out some awesome … Continue reading The Right Equip(ment) #2: Micro Greens